Gayle Fiser                                                        Brenda Guillet

Care and Support for Pet Parents

• Submit prayer requests for a sick pet and receive a pet prayer blanket

• Every new pet receives a pet prayer blanket with blessings

• Available grief support for families who have lost a pet

Therapy Dog Training

• Provided by the church as a gift to the community

• Classes conducted by experienced dog trainer Brenda Guillet

• Prepare dogs to successfully complete an official therapy dog test and obtain certification

• Certified dogs are invited to greet guests at worship and VBS, visit the homebound and

  participate in other church activities

Service Projects Involving Pets

• Assisting with pet adoption events

• Collecting pet food and supplies for animal shelters

• Supporting organizations that provide low cost pet vaccinations

Educational Sessions on Pet Topics

Classes by veterinarians and pet experts on topics such as Selecting the Best Pet, Animal Behavior Problems, Early Emergency Intervention, Taking the Perfect Pet Photo and more.

Annual Blessing of the Animals Event

Animals (on leashes, in crates or carriers) receive a blessing from the senior pastor at a church event celebrating the October birthday of St. Francis of Assisi

We believe pets are uniquely deserving of our best care. They are part of God’s creation, and we are called to be good stewards and conscientious caregivers to all that God has created. Pets are also full members of our families, and we are held responsible to provide them with all the love and care that we offer our human family members.

With these principles in mind, we have developed a comprehensive pet ministry that is designed to meet the needs of pets, of pet parents and of our surrounding community. Our community pet ministry continues to evolve and grow, but currently, we offer the following programs and services:

Want to learn more? Contact Gayle Fiser, our pet ministry coordinator.