Bruce and Jackie Scott                                Mark and Rebel Wilson

                                             Our fast-growing group of teens and tweens meets

                                            Sundays at 9:00AM in the PV Underground Lounge,

                                         located below the sanctuary. To find the lounge, take

                                      the stairs down from the narthex (foyer).

Under the expert guidance of award-winning public middle school educator, Jackie Scott, her husband, Bruce, and caring parent-advisors, Rebel and Mark Wilson, members of the youth group talk about being young Christians – the challenges and the rewards – through a variety of teaching techniques, all of them fun and educational.

Additionally, the group periodically gets together for fun extracurricular activities that promote fellowship and camaraderie, always with adult care.

Youths whose families are not members of PVUMC are welcome and encouraged to join the group as a means of engaging with their peers in a safe space, free to be who they are, without bias or judgment.