Our worship style is “relaxed traditional.” We include some of the elements associated with “high church,” but not in a stuffy, rigid manner. Our worship is planned, but not routine, so you’ll want to join us every Sunday at 10:00AM and see how we change things up.

Planning to worship with us in person? Refer to the map on the home page to get a sense of our campus layout, as well as where the entrances to the building are.

Our congregation is not preoccupied with the clothes you are wearing. Rather, we care about the person who is wearing them. But we know that everyone likes to be dressed appropriately when visiting for the first time, so here’s what you’ll find at PVUMC. Some of our members like to wear their “Sunday best”; others wear jeans and T-shirts. Most dress somewhere in the middle. Wear what makes you comfortable and you can’t go wrong.

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Every day people make a living on social media as “influencers.”

Companies are paying people to use their social media platform to reach and connect with a world of potential customers. Influencer marketing is one of the most successful business models in today’s economy and that’s largely because we are easily influenced by the people around us.

Jesus came as an influencer, announcing the Kingdom of God, showing people the love of God, and calling followers who would, in turn, influence others, becoming salt and light. In our daily lives, each of us are called by Christ to be influencers. Join us for a new series that explores how our faith stories can influence others to experience transformed lives through God’s love, changing the world.